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Health & Beauty

You are what you eat, drink more water, exercise is fun and all are good for you... But obtaining a natural glow does not come without a bit of legwork. Read on to see where to start, when to stop, and how to feel your best, inside and out, as naturally as you can.

Self Acceptance

    I recently put out a post on IG asking for blog ideas... I began to write on many as I actually loved them all... but the suggestion I chose to post now was to speak of struggles I may have... Like everyone else... I have many. I combined it with the suggestion of self acceptance as i find it particularly important within our social construct to maintain a healthy outlook on life. At some point we all have either experienced anxiety, or we know someone who has... Now you know one more.

So You Want To Model

   It starts as a pipe dream... At least that’s what every unknowing adult will call it. They don’t consider the culture enrichment from living in a foreign country as opposed to vacationing in it, money management skills learned, people skills you develop. They don’t consider this because they want what’s best for you and you can never go wrong with education. But there are a few things you need to consider before jumping in with both feet. Be careful what you wish for. You may actually get it.

A Dream Begins

We will never be able to change the past or control the future but we may look back and change ourselves for the better. So here it is, a new beginning. A new adventure around every corner. This is my story on how it all began and the beautiful people who helped me along the way... Yes, Jordan Matter is one of them.

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