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I‘ve decided to create this blog as I realize there are many points that are harder to be addressed on social platforms, such as Instagram, where one can only see a few sides of myself. There will be multiple issues that I am looking forward to talking about but the key moments I want to capture will be firstly... Staying positive about  who you are, (This I find is very important since I know I seem very bubbly through media.  Honestly, there is definitely a more realistic side to this and many tricks I need to utilize and keep in my daily life to stay happy). Second of all, I will be sharing tips to modeling, travel, dance and exercise, skin care, staying positive in a negative world, embracing your inner quirk, etc. I get so many questions on these topics. I hope this will be helpful to any viewers who question  of these aspects... Sometimes it helps to just hear that someone else has been struggling too. 

Tips and tricks to trade and travel


Join me in my blogging adventure to find hopefully helpful tips on traveling abroad, gaining a foothold in the very fast paced modeling world, living a healthier lifestyle, and finding/maintaining a positive outlook on yourself, no matter your past, the weight on a scale, or how you think society deems you to be.

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Lets just take this journey together. Comment on any topics you wish to explore, (That are within my scope, of course). There are so many directions this blog can go... My wish is to keep it entertaining and helpful.